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Walters Restaurant Lunch

Walters Restaurant is known for its great variety of food and drinks. We offer a range of freshly prepared dishes using the best ingredients only. The menu varies from Austrian cuisine to Italian classics as well as international dishes with many vegetarian and vegan options. Walters Restaurant is not only a place for culinary delights, the ambience and atmosphere are unique and ensure an unforgettable experience. The interior is modern and stylish and has a pleasant sense of warmth - a culinary hotspot with a green heart. The perfect place for your lunch break at the WALTER BUSINESS-PARK.

You can order easily and without cash at the Order Point or via the QR code at the table. You pay online and the food will be served directly to your table.

Go on a multifaceted culinary journey and let yourself be charmed by the delicious aromas and flavours! Walters Restaurant offers enjoyment for all tastes. The food is prepared fresh daily and the wide range of soups, main courses and desserts are all prepared without adding any artificial flavours or conservatives. Natural, homemade food. That's what we stand for at DoN Flavour District.

We have divided the Walters Menu into different themed categories for you.

Tradition meets innovation

THE TRADITIONAL combines tradition and innovation. Here you will find classic dishes such as Schnitzel, dumplings and Kaiserschmarrn, prepared with love and dedication. Austrian cuisine, cooked like grandma used to do, with seasonal and innovative influences. Our traditional cuisine is characterised by its heartiness and versatility.

Exotic cuisine

For all culinary adventurers, we recommend our dishes from THE EXPLORER. Exotic flavours and spices will take your senses on a journey around the world. From curries and bowls to kebabs, there's definitely something for every taste. We are particularly committed to use seasonal ingredients in all of our menu lines for an extra kick of freshness. Our dishes are full of healthy and nutrient-rich components to ensure you're full of energy throughout the day.

From the South

At THE PEPPONE you'll find a variety of dishes from the Mediterranean cuisine. From pizza to risotto and pasta, there's something for everyone who loves Italian cuisine. Take a culinary trip to Italy with our classic pasta dishes like spaghetti carbonara with a creamy sauce or our hearty spaghetti bolognese. Our pizza made from sourdough is traditionally baked and topped with fresh ingredients such as spicy salami, juicy tomatoes and aromatic herbs. Buon Appetito!

from the field

Our THE FARMER dishes are perfect for anyone who likes vegetarian or vegan options. Fresh salads with seasonal ingredients that impress with their aroma. We are proud to create varied and creative meals from vegan and vegetarian ingredients, such as our Mozzarella Couscous Salad.

If you still feel like having something sweet afterwards, a fine dessert such as our homemade panna cotta or our tiramisu variations are waiting for you. We also focus on variety when it comes to desserts.
Visit us at Walter's Restaurant and let us serve you your favourite dishes!

Mon-Fri: 11.00-14.00 hrs

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